Still-Life Paintings in Oil


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Japanese Basket and Wine Decante Silver Bowl and Orange Box Still Life with Green Cloth Greek Vase, Books, and Brooch
Gold Jewelry, Vase, and Boxe Blue Squash Portfolio, Bowls, and Necklac Pumpkin and Dried Leaves
Ribbon, Orange Crate, and Votive Holder Necklace and Greek Urn Squashes & Alliums in Paint Box Garlic Bundle & Onions
Butternut Squash & Stone Renaissance Tray & Crystal Globe Vase and Blue Beads Black Vase, Colored Blocks and Crystal Sphere
Vase, Cloth, and Glass Bowl Teapot, Black Vase, and Yellow Cloth Still Life with Acorn Squash & Onion Globe, Green Bowl & Cloth
Rose Bowl and Stones Three Squashes Still Life with Paintbrushes Glass Globe & Driftwood (A
 Vase, Antique Cloth and Dish with Stones Glass Globe and Driftwood Pale and Colored Squashes and Onions Vase, Box and Cut Crystal
Pumpkin and Squash Antique Suitcase and Vase Balance and Crystals Globe and Books
Greek Vase and Log Greek Vase and Velvet Bag in Incandescent Ligh Greek Vase and Velvet Bag Greek Vase and Wine Chest
Vase and Kylix Velvet Bag and Rice Carrier Vase and Clock with Stones and Glass Greek Vase and Onions
Greek Vase and Modern Vase Personal Treasures Vase and Leaves Chocolate Chip Cookies
Vase, Driftwood and Cloth Vase and Squash Lamp and Books Still Life with Onions
Vase & Stones Risotto Rabbits Personal Objects
Noguchi Lamp with Book Noguchi Lamp with Stones Sandstone Bread & Apples
Still Life with Sweets Jewelry Box Gold Goblet, Vase & Pumice 

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